Frequently Asked Questions

Interested in a delivery?

Here at Tom’s Hay , we deliver from 1 bale on up! Interested in a delivery? Give us a call at 760-768-3010.

Can I combine my order?
You can combine any of our products on the farm, including our bagged feed. After, all, we are a full lined feed store! For example; you can order Alfalfa, Bermuda, and Pellets. You can also order bagged feed to be delivered.

How do deliveries work?

We ask our customers to place orders a week in advance so we can deliver in a timely manner. If possible, simply call us a week in advance, we process and load your order with those of others in the area, and then we deliver!

What is the minimum number of bales required for delivery?

As our motto states, “We Cater To Your Needs”. Ideally, we would like a minimum of 60 bales. This may not be possible for some of our customers. We deliver a smaller amount of bales by grouping these orders (with others) within the same location. Let us take care of your needs!

I need hay, but I don’t have the space to store it!

Try our box trailer! Our Box trailer contains about 180 bales and can safely store your feed from the weather and other natural elements. We offer this service to customers that use about 180 bales every five to seven weeks. We deliver one box trailer; once it is empty, we will exchange it and leave a new box trailer full of hay.

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