Trailer Program

What is the Trailer Program?

We offer an exclusive trailer service to our customers who use 180 bales every 3-5 weeks (at no additional charge). We deliver hay in an enclosed trailer that is loaded to your specifications. We leave the trailer on your property (or designated area) and swap it out with a fully stocked trailer every 3-5 weeks.

What are the Benefits?

  • It’s Free! You don’t get charged extra for the service.

  • Your Hay stays nice and dry in the trailer.

  • It limits the Hay Storage needed in your Barn.

  • You can unload your hay as needed.

  • You get a steady supply of Hay every 3-5 weeks.

  • It’s Safe! You can lock the trailer to ensure that only you can access your feed.

What are the Requirements?

  • Must  have enough room to accommodate our Big Truck in your property (Semi-Truck accessible).

  • Must be able to use all hay in the trailer within 3-5 weeks. 

  • Must have a safe and secure area to station the trailer.

Trailer Dimensions

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